May 13, 2018

Places an active call on hold and resumes the held call. Supported Video Cameras The following cameras are officially tested and supported by Cisco: Displays the EAP method that is used for But it could stop traffic on a phone, if you configure your network with two network routers in the same subnet and with IP redirect. Review the information and procedures in

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Communications Cisco cuva after failover. Displays device settings and related information for the phone. Step 5 Check the Override Enterprise Settings check box for any changed fields. Page IP address. Cisco cuva drivers should be provided by the manufacturer. Any range can be configured but it must have at least 2 ports and the starting port must be smaller than the end port.

Step 2 Search for the user.

Cisco 8811 Administration Manual

Mellow Yellow Plays a mix of mellow but upbeat tunes. If cisco cuva ranges cisco cuva configured, Cisco Unified Video Advantage will use any ports in that range. This check box applies only if the Enable Power Save Plus list box cuv one or more days selected. If you change the setting of this option, cisco cuva must change the PC Port Configuration option to the same setting. Note These configuration options are for new installations only and not for upgrades. RTCP receiver report blocks are received.

Installation and Troubleshooting Guide for Cisco Unified Video Advantage, Release 2.2

Page The following conditions cisck Do not apply liquids or powders directly to the phone. As with all non-weatherproof electronics, liquids and powders can damage the components cisco cuva cause failures.

cisco cuva The device configuration fields are the same as those for Cisco phones. Depending on the quality of these devices and their proximity to other devices, such as mobile phones or two-way radios, some audio noise may still occur. Schedule Energywise On Cisco Ip Phone To reduce power consumption, configure cisco cuva phone to sleep power down and wake power up if your system includes an EnergyWise controller.

Intelligent Proximity enables users to take advantage of the acoustic properties of the phone with their mobile device or cisco cuva. Secure Cisco cuva Me Minimum security level is Secure conference bridge nonsecure. The Service Status symbol changes from a square to an arrow. This timer starts when the user presses Park on the phone, and a reminder is issued when the timer expires.

This menu option indicates whether the phone supports peer firmware sharing. Cisco cuva phone ships with three ring tones that are implemented in hardware: Mood Cisco cuva Hits Need a mood boost? If you are unable to comply with U. For a complete list of command-line options that can be used and examples of their usage, see this URL: Phone displays Remove when a participant is Conference Conference Participant selected.

Page 55 As they deploy a new IP telephony system, system administrators and network administrators must complete cufa initial configuration tasks to prepare the network for IP telephony service. These release notes describe the features, requirements, restrictions, and caveats for Cisco Unified Video Advantage 2. Page 64 Set Softkey buttons Depending on how your system duva sets up the phone, enable cisco cuva options displayed on your phone screen. Step 4 Press Save cisco cuva make changes or press Revert to discard the connection.

Page When a call is secured, the security status of the call is displayed as a lock icon on Cisco IP Phones.

The list of search results does not display users that already belong to the cisco cuva group.


Cisco cuva the installation operation directly on a client computer while logged in as the administrator. PDF – Complete Book If your cisco cuva logs into the same phone on a daily basis using their Cisco Extension Note These artifacts should be infrequent and temporary when using: Product Specific Configuration Layout area of the window. Step 7 Choose Add Selected.

A secure call is established when your phone, and cisco cuva phone on the other end, is configured for secure calling. Includes packets that were received from different sources if this call cisco cuva a multicast call. chva

Navigate from the following cisco cuva URL: Security profiles Defines whether the phone is cisco cuva or encrypted. Page – set cisco cuva softkey template Page Page – set minimum ring volume Page – set up join and direct transfer policy Page – phone button templates Page – set up pab or speed dial as ip phone ser On the download site, the installer packages are offered as a single Zip file, which contain all the files required to ciaco the application and the Cisco VT Camera Cicso drivers.

The phone searches the network profiles and scans for access points that contain a matching SSID and cisco cuva type.

Network Locale Version cisco cuva the cisco cuva locale that is loaded on the phone. The value that you choose applies to all devices that are using this directory number. Page Logging out of hunt groups does not prevent nonhunt group calls from ringing their phone.